Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Teach, Help and Learn

For a student of Psychology, like myself, there are plenty kinds of jobs that you can choice. In my case I like the area of Experimental Psychology. I love this area because the Experimental Psychology because it conceive the discipline (Psychology) as a science, and I love science, I think the science it’s a very good tool for help people, animals and the hole planet. In this area there are three principal tipes of job, you can work as an investigator (there are a lot of things and areas that you can investigate) , as a clinician and as a professor. My hope for the future it’s that I’ll work in all of those areas, but mostly I would like to work as a clinician (do behavioral therapy) and as a professor, I love to make classes and teach other people, so I would love to work in a university, specially I would love to teach in where I’m studying now, the Universidad de Chile. In this context it is more probable that I’ll work indoors, but there are some exercises of the therapy that require going outside of the practice. I don´t think that my future job would implied to travel so much out of the country, but there are some traveling to conferences, symposiums, meetings, etc.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bang! Bang!

I love video games, I think they are a good way to relax and have a fun time, like when you play with friends (I don´t like to play alone).  Like I told you I really enjoy playing video games (I don´t play in my computer, but I have a PS3), but I’m not addicted to them, and I usually don´t spend much time playing. I don´t really remember how old I was when I played my first video game, but I should be very little, because my older brother had a Super Nintendo when I was 6-7 year old, I remember that me and my brother and sisters played game like Super Mario, so from that time (many years ago) I play some video game, now and then. My favorite tipes of video games are platform video game tipe, and mostly the shooter video games tipe (specially the ones that have a zombie theme), my favorite game is Resident Evil. Like I was saying, I don´t spend so much time playing video games, ocassionally I play with my Boyfriend or with one of my sisters, but I like to do other stuff to, like go out with my friends, watch movies or series, play with my pets, read a good book, etc. 

Buzios, such a beautyful place

In August of 2009 I'd what I consider one of the best vacation I've ever had. I traveled to Buzios, a city of Brasil, for a week with my father and my three sisters. Only get there was interesting and fun. We went by plane from Santiago to Rio de Janeiro and then we tour the city on a bus before start the road trip to Buzios (on the same bus). Buzios it's only a few hours from Rio. This road trip was really calm ride, full of beatyful fields landscapes. In Buzios we stayed in the cabins of a Hotel, and rented a boogie car for tour the different places of Buzios, mostly we used it to go to the different beaches that were really beautiful and peaceful. One of the things that I loved the most of that travel was a boat trip to a small island. We arrived to one of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. It was a long beach of white sand, and the ocean was warm and really calm, and the water was so clear that you can see the fish swiming under your feet. Well, for those and for so many more reasons I loved this family vacation 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Since I can remember I've always love to watch movies, I like to see almost every kind of movies, even those that are ment to be for kids. When I was a little girl one of the first movies that I remember to enjoy a lot is "The lion king" that is a Disney movie about the life of a family of African lions and how they rule the Savanah, the story is focus on the life of Simba the son of Mufasa, and how he grow up to become the lion king.

Like I was saying to you, I’ve always love to watch movies, is one of the things that I most do when I have some time for myself, when the people ask me about where I prefer to see movies (at home or in the cinema) I always say “it depends” because the two ways to watch movies have their own pros and cons, for example if you go to the cinema you can enjoy watching a movie in a really big screen but when you watch movies at home you can be a lot more comfortable than on cinemas, also there is some movies that aren’t good enough to pay for a ticket.

 If you ask for a movie recommendation, I’ll tell you that you must see the movie "Les Misérables" but you should know that they are multiple versions of this musical, in my case I recently watch the newer version, that was starred for Hugh Jackman, Rusell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. The movie is a epic romantic musical drama film, and is based on  the musical of the same name, and tell the story of Jean Valjean and ex-convict that was a prisoner because he steal food for his family. The movie mixes love, revolution (french revolution), misery, justice, etc. If you like musicals I recomend you this film!

That's all for today, see you soon :) 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

¡La bella Italia!

"You may have the universe if I may Italy" this quote from Giuseppe Verdi may resume some of the greatness of this beutiful country that I always want to visit. It looks like such a magic place, full of color, music, romance, etc. I belive that go to Italy is one of the things I must do in my life. Italy is a country full of history (for example all of the Roman Empire history), myths, beatiful landscapes and cities, and delicious food (I love almost all kinds of pasta). My dream is to go there and travel as far as my feet and my pocket let me (this kind of dream always require a lot of money), also I'll love to meet a lot of Italian people to learn about they culture, listen italian music at the sunset, and of course, eat a lot of food. But like I was saying my dream seems to be really expensive, so part of my plan is to work there, maybe as a waitress or something similar, and in this way and can save money to travel farther on this beutiful contry. Well that's all, I really hope my dream come true some day (but of course, the sooner, the better).

                                                                     Arrivederci :)