Wednesday, August 20, 2014

¡La bella Italia!

"You may have the universe if I may Italy" this quote from Giuseppe Verdi may resume some of the greatness of this beutiful country that I always want to visit. It looks like such a magic place, full of color, music, romance, etc. I belive that go to Italy is one of the things I must do in my life. Italy is a country full of history (for example all of the Roman Empire history), myths, beatiful landscapes and cities, and delicious food (I love almost all kinds of pasta). My dream is to go there and travel as far as my feet and my pocket let me (this kind of dream always require a lot of money), also I'll love to meet a lot of Italian people to learn about they culture, listen italian music at the sunset, and of course, eat a lot of food. But like I was saying my dream seems to be really expensive, so part of my plan is to work there, maybe as a waitress or something similar, and in this way and can save money to travel farther on this beutiful contry. Well that's all, I really hope my dream come true some day (but of course, the sooner, the better).

                                                                     Arrivederci :) 


  1. If i could visit it i would like to meet some of the inns of the roman´s roads. They have centuries and some of them even are owned by the same familiy that two thousands years ago!

  2. So cool! I would love to visit Italy, and now even more, after I read your post. If you can go someday, bring me some pizza, jajaja.
    You should totally go! So, Start saving money.
    See you around!