Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bang! Bang!

I love video games, I think they are a good way to relax and have a fun time, like when you play with friends (I don´t like to play alone).  Like I told you I really enjoy playing video games (I don´t play in my computer, but I have a PS3), but I’m not addicted to them, and I usually don´t spend much time playing. I don´t really remember how old I was when I played my first video game, but I should be very little, because my older brother had a Super Nintendo when I was 6-7 year old, I remember that me and my brother and sisters played game like Super Mario, so from that time (many years ago) I play some video game, now and then. My favorite tipes of video games are platform video game tipe, and mostly the shooter video games tipe (specially the ones that have a zombie theme), my favorite game is Resident Evil. Like I was saying, I don´t spend so much time playing video games, ocassionally I play with my Boyfriend or with one of my sisters, but I like to do other stuff to, like go out with my friends, watch movies or series, play with my pets, read a good book, etc. 


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  2. Video games are funny, I always wanted to have one :( jajaj. I only played computer games, the first computer game that I played was when I had approximately 7 years too