Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Teach, Help and Learn

For a student of Psychology, like myself, there are plenty kinds of jobs that you can choice. In my case I like the area of Experimental Psychology. I love this area because the Experimental Psychology because it conceive the discipline (Psychology) as a science, and I love science, I think the science it’s a very good tool for help people, animals and the hole planet. In this area there are three principal tipes of job, you can work as an investigator (there are a lot of things and areas that you can investigate) , as a clinician and as a professor. My hope for the future it’s that I’ll work in all of those areas, but mostly I would like to work as a clinician (do behavioral therapy) and as a professor, I love to make classes and teach other people, so I would love to work in a university, specially I would love to teach in where I’m studying now, the Universidad de Chile. In this context it is more probable that I’ll work indoors, but there are some exercises of the therapy that require going outside of the practice. I don´t think that my future job would implied to travel so much out of the country, but there are some traveling to conferences, symposiums, meetings, etc.  

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